Willow WSBS4MDS Total No Frost 4 Door Fridge Freezer - Silver

Willow WSBS4MDS Total No Frost 4 Door Fridge Freezer - Silver

418L Net Capacity: 274L Fridge / 144L Freezer  

LED Door Display  

Silver Finish  

Water Dispenser  

Adjustable Thermostat  

Interior LED Lamp  

Inverter Compressor  

Total No Frost Freezer  

Max noise level: 42dBA  

2 Year Warranty



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  • Overview

    The Willow WSBS4MDS fridge freezer boasts many special features, giving you everything you need in one package.

    With a 430L net capacity (261L fridge capacity and 169L freezer capacity), this fridge freezer is the perfect size for a family. You can easily fit in a week’s shopping for a whole family and the freezer is the ideal size for meal prep/batch cooking. The LED interior light makes it easy to see inside the fridge, even when it’s full.

    It’s easy to keep your food organised, with 5 glass shelves, 2 door trays and 1 crisper drawers in the fridge, 3 door trays and 1 drawer in the freezer.

    The built-in water dispenser gives you access to cold water whenever you fancy it.

    The sleek and seamless design with its recessed door handles, mark-proof finish and modern side-by-side design is the perfect finishing touch for your kitchen.

    All Willow appliances now come with hassle free 24 month guarantee. No need to scroll through endless online forms.

    The invertor compressor ensures that your fridge freezer is always at the correct temperature as it adjusts its efficiency in accordance with the outside temperature and the refrigerator load. Therefore, the WSBS4MDS fridge freezer is highly energy efficient with an energy rating of E.

    • Total No Frost Freezer - This fantastic feature ensures that you don’t have to empty out the fridge freezer to defrost it. It’s a great time saver and makes everything a lot easier.
    • Adjustable Thermostat - With an in-built adjustable thermostat, you can guarantee that your fridge freezer is always set at the correct temperatures. This avoids spoiled food and saves on food wastage.
    • Water Dispenser – The in-built water dispenser is a brilliant way to ensure you’re getting your daily water intake. Easily get yourself a glass of cold water whenever you please.
    • LED Lighting & LED Door Display – The LED interior light makes it easier to see what is inside the fridge without adding any unnecessary heat and uses less energy than standard bulbs. The LED door display shows the current temperature of the fridge freezer and allows you to easily adjust it.
    • Sleek and Seamless Design - With recessed door handles, the LED door display and a mark-proof finish, this fridge freezer will fit in seamlessly with your kitchen design.
  • Dimensions

    Product Dimensions (mm)

    Height: 1815

    Width: 785

    Depth: 685

  • Energy Rating