AEG FSK32610Z Built-In 13 Place Dishwasher

AEG FSK32610Z Built-In 13 Place Dishwasher

Space for 13 Place Settings 

5 Selectable Wash Programmes 

Air Dry Technology 

Washes at a 49dB Noise Level 

Only uses 10L water on a typical cycle 

2 Year guarantee



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  • Overview

    AEG Integrated Dishwasher FSK32610Z with Airdry technology – White

    The AEG FSK32610Z Integrated Dishwasher maximises drying using natural airflow. The supply of water that the appliance uses is either cold or hot. The double hinges are sliding and the appliance itself is fully integrated. The door automatically opens 10cm in the final stage of the cycle, drying dishes naturally and effectively.

    The airdry capabilities of the AEG FSK32610Z delivers up to 3x better drying performance when compared to a closed-door approach. The airflow created from this means that the dishes inside the machine are perfectly dry every time.

    The performance of the AEG FSK32610Z gives you great results in quick time, thanks to the special half-hour programme. The dishwasher has a 13 place setting capacity, this shows the appliance is perfect for large households.

    The upper basket is height adjustable to allow you to fit larger pans on the lower basket. While the rinse Aid and Salt indicators will notify you when these require replenishing.

  • Specifications

    Noise Level (Db): - 49

    Place Settings: - 13

    Width (cm): - 60

    Installation: - Fully Integrated

    Dimensions (mm) (HxWxD) 818 x 596 x 550

    Dimensions_Dishwasher_FSBU_DK 820-880 x 600 x 550

    Double Hinges: - Sliding

    Water Supply: - Cold or hot

    Cord Length: - 1.5

    Inlet hose length (cm) 150

    Outlet hose length (mm) 150

  • Dimensions

    Product Dimensions:(mm)

    Height: 818

    Width: 596 

    Depth: 550mm

  • Energy Rating